Installation of our Konturra solution on an end user computer is started by creating an installation link or optionally sending that link to your client directly from the admin portal. You can send the installation link to all of your clients at once and send that link to yourself at the same time as well.

Generate and send client installation link

In this example, we have done an installation for one client on two different computers (Windows XP and Windows 8.1). In cases where one of your clients makes an installation on more than one computer, the same installation link can be used on all computers.

One-click install

When a client receives your e-mail with an installation link and clicks on that link, it will open a web browser. By clicking “Run“, the Web Installer will check all system requirements, download all required files from the Internet, and install service on the end user’s computer.

Directly in admin portal you can track the whole installation process. In one place, there are statuses of all sent installation links, and you can see who clicked on the link, who finished the installation, if there were any errors in installation, etc.

Service installation status

After an installation was completed, selected service is ready to use. Depending on settings that you administer in the service policy template in your admin portal (you can set it before or after installation), online backup / system health monitoring will start running on the end user's computer.

In this example, we have allowed clients to select which folder from their computer they want to include in the online backup.

Folder selection for online backup

You can change service policies for the selected service/client/computer in your admin portal whenever and whatever you like. The policy change will be applied on the end user's computer as soon as the client application starts its new cycle.

Edit service template