How it works From telling your client about your new services (managed online backup and remote system monitoring) to activation of these service in just a few minutes!

Presale support

Set your commercial terms - prices

It is totally up to you which service, by what price and by which conditions you want to offer to your current clients or even to your prospects. What we can guarantee is what ever margin you put, you will probably still be way most competitive on the market.

Import clients and prospects

Prepare a structured list of your existing clients and prospects and import all data together into the Konturra console. Why not check with everyone if they are interseted in your new services? You know the saying, there are people who backup and those who will backup.

Send predesigned introductory e-mail

By using Konturra presale e-mail templates, introduce your clients with your new services - managed online backup and/or remote system monitoring. You can use templates as is, or refine them by for example adding your logo.

Collect responses and requests for more info

Konturra prewitten and predesigned e-mail templates already have integrated interactive buttons where you clients and prospect can notify you if they are interested or not about services, or do they need more information.


Start a service

Set your own policy settings

Decide what services you want to offer to your clients, set your own group policy settings or use our predefined settings and you are ready to go!

Send installation links to clients

Need simplicity? Look no further. With Konturra you can generate service templates for all your clients and send installation links directly from your Admin Console.

Install an agent in one-click

Services are installed on endpoints in literally one click. All your end user need to know is how to click on a link in your e-mail message and installation will start and finish automatically.

Track installation statuses

Get a status of each installation on every single endpoint; resend and reuse multiple installation links across more endpoints of the same end user.


Postsale support

Follow service performances and alerts

Everything you need to know about your client’s services is in Your Konturra Admin Console. Detailed overviews and reports for backup, concise Remote System Monitoring data which can be used for a timely and precise service to your clients and a great tool for controlling your client base.

Send predesigned e-mails to up-scale

Looking for more clients? Use our introductory e-mail to notify your prospects about your new services. Want to up-scale number of endpoints that use services? Use our templates or write your own e-mail templates to get more endpoints install and start using services.

Create comprehensive reports

Reporting to your clients can be a tedious task with many hours of your time spent generating reports, acquiring logs and sending them out to respective clients, fortunately with Konturra’s prepared logs and reports system the job takes just a fraction of that time.

Charge your clients

In the end of the story, we are all looking for a best value for money. As you set your own prices and have no upfront costs (admin console is free of charge), you can easily set high margin and still have best prices on market for business online backup or remote monitoring. Your client, in the other hand, will have top-notch services for a smallest price posibble.