One Click InstallationIt is literally installation of a service agent on an endpoint in just one click.

Set policy settings

Konturra uses policy settings templates to simplify service management and application of a seetings on endpoints. This feature alows you to set or change settings on just one specific endpoint or on whole group of endpoints.

Choose your end users

Select a group of your end users (clients and prospects) where you want to start service, select policy settings and send them installation link. End user just need to know how to click on an installation link in an e-mail. It is genuine easy seeding.

Install service agents

If you prefer to install everything by yourself, all installation links are within the Konturra admin console. Use remote desktop software to connect to the endpoint, run the installation using that link and fine-tune settings if necessary.

Control installations

Track instalation progress, status and success on each and every enpoint from the comprehensive Installation status report that tells you, among other, which client clicked on the installation link and was the installation succesful.