Admin console Control every aspect of Konturra services from one place.

Centralized Management

Manage both services (online backup and remote monitoring), all your end users (clients and prospects) and all their endpoints (workstations, laptops, servers) from one place. Take care of group policy settings, comunnication statuses, monitoring alerts and storage quotas from the convenience of your own chair.

Extensive Reporting

Get insights into storage space consumption/quotas, free disk space, errors in event logs, CPU usage, ... for each endpoint or account. You can even retrieve custom log files from your own application. All information is at your fingertips.

You Set Your Prices

Choosing how much will you charge your customers for online backup and additional storage or for remote system monitoring is up to you. What you get from Konturra services is that you pay for what you use and you don't have capital investment.

Group Policy Settings

Handle configuration changes for tens/hundreds/thousands of endpoints using one click. All configuration changes in a group policy will automatically be propagated to all endpoints using it. If needed, fine-tune each policy at single endpoint level.

Additional Information and Screenhots Gallery

There are plenty of other things you can do in the admin console:

  • Send e-mail messages to your clients and prospects informing them about services you wish to offer them; collect and view their responses
  • Set alerts - define what will trigger the alarm, when and how you will be notified
  • Installation status - check out installation status for each and every endpoint, whether it is successful or there is a reported issue
  • Extensive logging - browse particular service logs to see if there are any issues
  • Your current storage/device consumption and other profile information
  • Console co-administrator management

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