Co-BrandingWhose brand will your clients see? Yours!


Upload your logo and Konturra will display it whenever possible. We will always display your logo to your customers instead of ours.

Fonts and Colors

Adjust fonts, colors and styles in predefined e-mail templates to match your brand. This will help your customers recognize e-mail sent through Konturra console as yours.

E-mail prefix

Choose your name, company name or brand name and it will be used as from in every e-mail you send through Konturra console.

E-mail domain

If you prefer full rebranding, we can customize that whole e-mail sending functionality use your own domain and you will get full white label.


Additional info

When you upload your own logo into the Konturra console, it will be used in every e-mail messages send to your clients through console. It will be even displayed when your end users click on the installation link, when they send you feedback from e-mails, etc.

E-mail messages
When you Register as a new user to Konturra console, you will find a set of predefined and prewritten e-mail templates. You can edit these templates using a rich-text editor — use fonts, styles and colors to match them with your brand or send them as is (templates are made by our proffessional design team).
Once edited, all e-mail that you send through Admin console will use these e-mail templates when it sends e-mail messages to your clients. When you send an e-mail to your client (e.g. when you click option "Send e-mail with installation link to selected clients"), Konturra will send it in the form of "prefix” You can decide what the "prefix" will be — typically it is your name or your company name.
If you prefer, we can go one step further and configure everything so that Konturra uses your own domain when sending e-mails to your clients, e.g. "prefix" @ "”

Read more about E-mail Management.