Security Strong, military-grade security and privacy with private key infrastructure.

Data encryption

Your clients’ data (online backup) is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption (more on Wikipedia: AES-256). You can choose between shared key and private key; private key is the default and the recommended option, ensuring the highest level of security. Using private key means no one but your client alone will have access to their data.

Network security

All data transferred between you and Konturra, as well as all data transferred between an endpoint and Konturra is secured using SSL (HTTPS). Online backup data (files and folders) is always encrypted, on both transfer and storage.

Physical security

Konturra services are hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers. You can choose where to physically store your data, between India, US or EU-based data centers.
You can read more directly on the Azure web site.

Extra protection

We store not one but three copies of each and every piece of information that you or your clients send using Konturra services. Some data is automatically replicated to a geographically distant data center within the region to ensure even more data protection.


More information

You can decide, in the Admin console, how client's files and folders will be encrypted when backed up through Konturra online backup system. The default and recommended option is that every single endpoint has its unique private key, ensuring that no one but the owner of that endpoint can access and decrypt data. When we say "no one," it means that neither you nor Konturra, can decrypt data. Note that even the end users will not be able to decrypt their data in case they forget their private key.
If you decide that you will handle keys (passwords) used for encryption, then you can choose that multiple endpoints share the same encryption key. The best practice for this option would be to use it for less sensitive data and to use it for endpoints of the same client; other clients should have other encryption keys. Using this option, you have full control over your clients’ backup, and you can change private and shared encryption keys at any moment.