Support Looking for a help? We recommend exploring our online support.

Knowledge Base

Prior to opening a new ticket, you can check out our Knowledge Base.
Our technical experts are maintaining a knowledge base in order to provide you with the most helpful information and with best practices on how to get max out Konturra functionalities.

Web support and Live Chat

Web support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while live chat is available during working hours.
Use our online ticketing system to submit a ticket or check the status of an existing ticket. To submit a ticket or to check an existing request, you must register in our support system.
You can submit a new ticket or review status of an existing ticket here.


Can't find answers in the knowledge base or would like to check other users' opinions? Please visit our Community. Many answers to questions can be found there.

How we handle support requests

Tickets are addressed according to severity of the issue. When you create a new ticket, you can choose the appropriate severity level. Our technical support can change it later, if necessary.
Severity levels are:

  • 1 - Critical — choose if you cannot continue with work or if you experience a complete loss of service. Also, choose this level if you cannot restore from backup.
  • 2 - High - choose if you experience a severe loss of service.
  • 3 - Medium - choose if you experience a minor loss of service, which results in a partial, non-critical loss of functionality.
  • 4 - Low - choose if you request information or recommend product improvement. Choose if there is little or no impact on functionality.

When you create a new ticket, also select one of the Konturra services:

  • Online Backup
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Admin Console
  • General

To diagnose your issue as quickly as possible, include the following information in your request:

  • Subject - a short summary of your issue.
  • Message - be as detailed as possible. Describe the issue. You can also include information regarding the operating system you are using.
  • Screenshots - if applicable, send us screenshots illustrating your issue.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
After we close a support ticket, we send a customer satisfaction survey. We appreciate your feedback. It helps us provide more effective support.

Bug Filing
If you discover a behavior that may be a software bug, submit a support ticket to our support team. If possible, include the steps taken to replicate the unexpected behavior.
If we identify the behavior as a bug, we will file an internal report. The resolution of the bug will depend on its severity and scope, as well as the current state of our development cycle.